Create/Update Importer Identity Form (CBP Form 5106)

The Create/Update Importer Identity Form (CBP Form 5106) is the form used to create or update importers' unique identification information within CBP's systems, per 19 CFR 24.5.  CBP is currently in the process of revising the form and incorporating those changes into ACE and will post information about the updates being made to the 5106 on this webpage.

CBP Form 5106 Information

  • Frequently Asked Question

  • Importer Account (CBP Form 5106) Webinar Recording

  • ACE CATAIR: Create/Update Importer Identity Form

  • ACE 5106 Error Dictionary

  • Create/Update Importer Identity Form (CBP Form 5106)

Other CBP Form 5106 Resources

  • ACE 5106 Information Notice

  • 5106 Policies and Procedures Guide

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