Implementation of New Commerce Section 232 Exclusions Portal

This interim final rule changes the process for requesting exclusions from the duties and quantitative limitations on imports of aluminum and steel discussed in two Commerce interim final rules implementing the exclusion process authorized by the President as part of the action he took to adjust imports under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, as amended (“232”). The Department of Commerce (“the Department”) has developed the portal referred to henceforth as the “232 Exclusions Portal” for persons submitting exclusion requests, objections to exclusion requests, rebuttals, and surrebuttals to replace the use of the Federal rulemaking portal ( and streamline the exclusions process while enhancing data integrity and quality controls. Based on public comment on the current process for submissions to the Department, Commerce is publishing this interim final rule to grant the public the ability to submit new exclusion requests as soon as possible through the 232 Exclusions Portal while still allowing the opportunity for public comment on the portal. Read More →